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Welcome to Lovemybooks!

“The Lovemybooks website is a brilliant resource of both fun and educational activities” Sarah, parent

“Everything I think is important about Lovemybooks is right there in its name!”
SF Said, author


Lovemybooks brings together brilliant books with creative reading activities specially designed to engage and excite young children’s interest.
Just click on a topic or age group, click on a book and find the activities.
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I love you, Blue Kangaroo!
  by Emma Chichester Clark is our April book of the month.

Lily loves Blue Kangaroo but when she’s given new toys for her birthday, he feels neglected and forgotten. When Blue Kangaroo finds a new friend in Lily’s baby brother, Lily realises just how much Blue Kangaroo means to her.  A story of a child and her favourite toy which makes connections to all kinds of childhood relationships, as Lily experiences feelings of affection, jealousy and sibling rivalry.
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NEWSFLASH Lovemybooks in Nursery World

We’re really pleased to have an article about lovemybooks in this week’s Nursery World magazine. It describes how we came to develop Lovemybooks, why we think it’s important, what it offers and the impact it is having. Also includes a case study on how one school is using the site with parents.
See here for article – Nursery World offer 7 days free access if you are not a subscriber.


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In response to your requests, we’re delighted to introduce a new section for children 6 and over.  Here you will find a range of wonderful novels for reading aloud and sharing with your child including activity ideas, things to talk about and useful links too. Read more…