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Can I read to my 3 month old?

Can I read to my 3 month old? – Iain, London

You can definitely read to your 3 month old! Although small babies may not seem to respond to a book or be aware of it they will enjoy the sound and rhythm of your voice as you read to them. Babies benefit from growing up in a home where they hear lots of language; this comes partly from  talking to them about everyday things, but also from sharing stories,  rhymes and singing songs. By reading stories to your young baby you will be demonstrating that books are interesting . As babies get a little older you will notice they  focus on your face as you read to them,  if they see their parents enjoying books they are more likely to develop an interest themselves.  So do start reading to your babies early but carry on as well, hearing stories read aloud by a parent or grandparent is a wonderful shared experience which supports children’s language and literacy development and continues to be important as babies and children grow older!

Let us know how you get on.

Sue M