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Summer recommended reads

With the long summer holiday approaching, we asked children for their recommendations of books which might make great summer reads. Here are their suggestions. Some of these are featured on Lovemybooks with their own activity pages. Follow the links to find out more and to read about our activities in action.

Recommended reads from children over 7

Because of Winn-Dixie, by Kate DiCamillo
Esme age 9
‘It’s full of surprises, all caused by one lost dog. I liked how Opal, the main character, seemed to understand Winn-Dixie more than anyone and how they got along so well. It’s a story about lots of friendships and how they form and grow. It’s quite an emotional book but leaves you feeling amazed. I really recommend it and will definitely read it again.’

The Astounding Broccoli Boy by Frank Cottrell Boyce
Lizzie, age 8
She thinks it’s a great combination of adventure and humour and thinks it has it all (if all means superheroes!) If you have a superhero fan in the family see here for our collection of heroes and villains 

The Explorer by Katherine Rundell
Luke, age 10
‘This book is an amazing and exciting story, it’s also quite realistic and has a good adventure theme, a group of children crash in the Amazon rainforest and they have to rescue themselves. They learn a lot on their journey. I recommend it to everyone.

The Great Fox Heist by Justyn Edwards
Naomi, age 10
‘It is such an interesting storyline and the idea for the fox pod is great. The way the final magic trick worked was brilliant and all the other magic tricks were incredible too. The characters’ stories were so clever, particularly the story around Flick’s dad. It was a page turner.’

Wonder by RJ Palacio
Imogen, age 11
‘It is unlike any book I have read before. Instead of having a story told by one narrator, there is one main character whose story is retold differently in each chapter from the perspective of other characters within the book. I like the ending, when the main character receives an award for persevering and being kind; he is on a bit of a journey from being an outcast to being recognised for the things he has done.’

Felix the Railway Cat by Kate Moore
Myri, age 11
‘I love this book, as it brings together two of my favourite things trains and cats!!! I hope that you get to enjoy reading this out and about like I did!’

Recommended reads from younger children

These younger children have recommended books they have loved hearing read aloud as well as ones they have enjoyed looking at or reading themselves.

Joshua, nearly 5 has loved having Rigatoni the Pasta Cat by Michael Rosen read to him at bedtime.
 ‘I like Rigatoni the Pasta Cat because he doesn’t eat Good Mews cat food, he only wants pasta.’

Robodog by David Walliams (read by parents)
Jacob, age 6
‘This book is great, I like all the characters, especially Robodog, and it is also very funny. I have also listened to an audiobook by the Author David Walliams, it was called The Demon Dentist and it was quite surprising, I like his stories.’

George, age 6 recommends revisiting old favourites this summer. He’s just beginning to be able to read along with this book about his favourite character (This is Hulk by Ron Lim and Rachelle Rosenberg) 

Visit our classics collection for more old favourites to rediscover this summer.

Cassidy, age 2 loves Maybe by Chris Haughton
She often chooses it to be read to her at bedtime and enjoys spotting the tigers hiding in the pictures. She knows it so well that she can finish lots of the sentences when an adult is reading it to her.

The Little Gardener by Emily Hughes
Miles, age 5
‘The little gardener worked very, very, very hard to make the flowers grow small and big and he tried to make them grow and grow… I like this book because he works really hard, and it makes me think about how I work hard at school too.’

Miles also recommended two books he has enjoyed at school, The Disgusting Sandwich by Gareth Edwards ‘I like it because it is funny, surprising and it’s really disgusting!” and The Giant Jam Sandwich by Janet Burroway and John Vernon Lord, ‘You should read it because it’s funny and exciting. You’d like the pictures!”