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The Storm Whale



Benji Davies
Simon and Schuster
Age 3-7

The Storm Whale is a story about a lonely boy called Noi. The son of a hardworking fisherman, Noi spends a great deal of time on his own. One day he finds a stranded baby whale on the beach.  Can he keep the whale at home? He would love the companionship. The story explores his dilemma and what happens when his father finds a whale in the bath.  This is a beautifully illustrated appealing story about being lonely and taking responsibility. It could lead to broader discussions about issues such as animal welfare.


Share the story

Share the story
Before beginning the story look at the front and back cover together and be ‘story detectives’ talking about all the clues to who is in this story, where it takes place and what the story might be about.

Read aloud
Read the first page and pause to see if you both can spot the six cats mentioned. Continue reading the story until Noi spots the little whale on the beach. What might happen next? What can Noi do? Continue reading the story aloud pausing to talk about what is happening in the story or pictures when your child wants to.

Tell the story
Once children have become familiar with the story they could tell it to you, using the pictures as a guide. It is fine if children not yet reading use their own words for this.

Talk about the story
Talk together about the decisions in the story – Noi’s decision to keep the whale and his father’s decision to take it back to sea.

Share your favourite illustrations. My favourite illustration is…. What’s yours?

What would your child like to happen next? Will Noi and the whale have another adventure together?

Watch the story read aloud

Things to make and do

Play the story

Imagine you and your child are Noi and his dad. Have an imaginary conversation after Dad comes home and finds a whale in the bath. It would be fun for your child to play the grown up while you are the child. 

Make a soundscape of a stormy sea
Using voices or improvise instruments to make the sounds of a stormy sea.  This is more fun if you do it together, perhaps recording your stormy sea sound effects.

Paint a picture
Paint a picture of the whale at sea, like Noi does.

Write Noi’s diary
Give your child a simple folded paper book. They could pretend they are Noi and write their diary in it – telling how he found the whale and took it home.

Make up a story
Children could make up their own story about Noi and the whale and what might happen if they meet again or you could make up one together. When children have made up their story they could write it down. See here for a special story sheet.

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