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What book should I read as part of a bedtime routine?

What book should I read as part of a bedtime routine?

Any book your child enjoys sharing with you can be read as part of a bedtime routine! If possible read the book yourself before reading it to your child so that you know what it is about. Stories for children do sometimes include quite difficult themes such as being lonely or frightened (eg  Owl Babies by Martin Waddell) and might have scary sections but generally end with a feeling of being safe and secure and books like this will give you lots to talk about together. Many children develop particular favourite books which they want to hear again and again seeming never to get bored. They will learn the story well before they can read it themselves and will soon object if adults try to change the words for variety’s sake! You might want to have a ‘something old something new’ approach with children choosing an old favourite story and a new one as well each evening.  If you visit the local library regularly children can have several new titles to choose from.  If you know a story well you might have a go at telling it instead of reading it. Older children will enjoy having a longer story read in sections, if you stop on a cliff hanger you can both look forward to the next instalment.

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