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Our top 10 pop-up & interactive books

Pop-up, lift the flap and other interactive books are great ways to encourage young children to enjoy reading in a playful way.

dear zoo lgeDear Zoo Rod Campbell
Macmillan Books
Age 0-3

An interactive, lift-the-flap picture book which engages young children’s interest and keeps them guessing about what each new pet will be. See lovemybooks ideas for sharing Dear Zoo in our Animals section. Also in this section you will find ideas for sharing Where’s Spot? Another great lift the flap story for young children.

maisie goes to bedMaisy Goes to Bed  Lucy Cousins
Walker Books
Age 0-5

There are lots of tabs to pull and flaps to lift in this story about Maisy the little mouse as she gets ready for bed. If your child enjoys this Maisy story look out for others in the series.

animal oppositesAnimal Opposites Petr Horacek
Walker Books
Age 3-5

Children can explore animal opposites from a small ladybird and a big elephant to a still sloth and a bouncy kangaroo as they lift the flaps to reveal the pop ups. Watch the book trailer here.

in a dark dark woodIn the Dark Dark Wood Jessica Souhami
Frances Lincoln
Age 3-5

This enjoyable picture book captures young children’s attention and demands participation throughout. A scary folk tale where children turn the pages, open the flaps and join in with the spooky sounds. See lovemybooks for sharing In the Dark Dark Wood in our scary things section.

10 little penguinsTen Little Penguins Joelle Jolivet and Jean Luc Fromental,
Harry. N. Abrams
Age 3-5

Reminiscent of ‘Ten Green Bottles’ and ‘Ten in a Bed’ this is a beautiful, paper engineered pop-up book with a rhyme on each page as the countdown begins and one after the other the penguins disappear.

there are no cats in this bookThere are NO Cats in this Book Viviane Schwarz
Walker Books
Age 3-5

Despite the title there are cats in this book in fact but they are trying to escape and see the world. The cats speak directly to the reader inviting them to help them disappear. Includes flaps, pop ups and a postcard to read when they finally succeed. See also ‘There are cats in this book’ and ‘Is there a dog in this book?’

open very carefullythumbOpen Very Carefully: A Book with Bite N. O’Byrne & N. Bromley
Nosy Crow
Age 3-7

From the title on the reader is encouraged to be very careful reading this book! The narrator is trying to tell the story of The Ugly Duckling but is disturbed by a crocodile who gets into the book and starts eating the letters! Readers are encouraged to rock the crocodile to sleep and shake him out of the book.

See the book read aloud here, this video includes ideas for making your own peg crocodile too!

little bit of oomphA Little Bit of Oomph Barney Salzburg
Age 3-7

A creative and playful book which celebrates nature and the power of imagination. Demonstrates the wonder of seeds becoming flowers and takes you from tiny goldfish in a bowl to a big whale in an ocean. Beautiful art work and brilliant paper engineering with pop ups, flaps and tabs and discs to pull and spin.

Watch a trailer here

meerkat mail thumbMeerkat Mail Emily Gravett
Macmillan Books
Age 5-7

A ‘no place like home’ story as Sunny the Meerkat goes off on a rather disappointing holiday. The postcards he sends to his family back home from his travels are fun to lift and read.

the jolly postman thumbThe Jolly Postman Janet and Allan Ahlberg
Age 5-7

A wonderfully interactive and classic children’s book telling the story of a postman on his round, which includes many familiar fairy tale characters. Children can open the envelopes and read Goldilocks’ apology to the Three Bears and a legal warning for the Big Bad Wolf from Miss Riding Hood and The Three Little Pigs. See our ideas for sharing the Jolly Christmas Postman in our Special Times section.