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10 Things I Can Do to Help My World

Melanie Walsh
Walker Books
Age 5-7

A wonderfully simple and enjoyable way for children to discover how they can make a difference to their world, even in the little things. They can switch off the light, turn off the tap, plant some seeds and feed the birds… 10 practical things they can do to be environmentally- friendly with clear explanations. They will enjoy recycling materials creatively to make works of art and thinking about what else they can do to look after the planet’s limited resources. A lift the flap-interactive book with bold illustrations and a clear, informative text.


Share the story


Read the book aloud
Read the book aloud, pausing to talk about and explain the information given.

Join in
Encourage children to open the flaps, ask questions and share what they know about looking after the environment.

Talk about the story
Talk together about the most interesting ideas in the book and why you both thought so.
Children can share anything they found surprising or puzzling about the book or the words used.
Talk together about what you both do already and any new ways of helping the planet.

Things to make and do

Things to make and do

Make a storybox
Using a shoebox or other small cardboard box, make a story box. Children can cut down two edges so they can open out one side. Then they can create a scene of their home, incorporating ideas from the book. They can use toy figures of themselves, and other members of the family, and use their scene to act out ways of they can help save their world.

Make a sculpture
Children can gather cardboard, plastic, paper and fabric, and with glue, string or tape, create a sculpture as a way of recycling materials into a wonderful new art form.

Make an information flap book about other practical ideas to help the planet
What more do children know about environmental dangers and what they can do to make a difference? They can make a simple flap book containing their own ideas, one per spread, eg 3 more things I Can Do To Help My World.


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