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Ed Vere
Age 0-3 years

One monkey has a banana, and he is very pleased. Another monkey arrives very excited to see the banana. He wants some too. But the first monkey doesn’t want to share. The second monkey is very disappointed he pleads, he has a tantrum but in the end he realises the other monkey is waiting for him to say please. The first monkey gives him the banana –just to have a bite but the second monkey looks all set to eat it all! Eventually they find a solution.

An absolutely brilliant study in jealousy, sharing and politeness told through humorous illustrations, an excellent design and just two words.  


Share the story

Read aloud
Before reading the book to your child look through it yourself and think about how you will read it – the more dramatic the better to show the desperation of the second monkey to eat the banana – there are lots of clues in the illustration and text design!
Read the story aloud adding actions perhaps when the monkey is beating the floor in frustration.

Join in
You could encourage two- and three-year-olds to join in as you read, shouting ‘banana’ and saying ‘please.’

Talk about the story
Spot the banana on each page
Talk about how the monkeys are feeling, read the illustrations together – the monkeys’ expressions and body language.
Talk about sharing – what would your child tell the monkeys?

Watch the story read aloud

Things to make and do

Role play
For babies beginning to explore different tastes you could show them a banana before mashing or cutting a piece for them to taste

Make a playdough banana
Children over two could make playdough bananas. This is more fun if you do it together by rolling and coiling the playdough.

Practise sharing and saying please
Find reasons to share perhaps with fruit or snacks eg banana, pieces of apple or raisins and to say please and thank you.

Have a toy tea party
Using soft toys and play or real food fruit or snacks set up a toy tea party. Your child could share the food between them, reminding them to say please and thank you!

Find out more

Watch the book’s creator, Ed Vere draw the characters Draw with Ed Vere: Banana! – YouTube

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