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Biscuit Bear

bicuit bearMini Grey
Red Fox                           

Age 3-7

When Horace makes a biscuit bear with his Mum, it looks delicious and he can’t wait to eat it. However his mum makes him wait, and in any case, it turns out the biscuit bear has other ideas about his future! This is a highly inventive story with lots to talk about in the detailed illustrations.



Share the story

Read aloud
When you read the story aloud pause a couple of times to discuss what might happen next, egbear3
When Horace goes to bed or when the shadow is looming in the doorway.

Join in
As you re read the story point to the words that curve over the page or around the images. Encourage your child to join in, perhaps being mum saying ‘No Horace!’, and  ‘Roll up’ and  ‘Gasps’ on the circus page.

Talk about the book
The illustrations give lots to talk about, you could share favourite pages or
talk  the circus acts  and count the sheep when Horace is asleep.

Tell the story
Once your child has heard the story a few times they will be able to tell it to you, in their own words, using the illustrations to help them.

Watch the story

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Things to make and do

Bake your own biscuit bear
Make your own biscuit bear perhaps using Mini Grey’s own recipe here.
You could decorate with currants for eyes, or add lots of decoration  just like biscuit bear does.

Be a circus performer
(Guiding your child to choose the safer acts!) children can be circus performers too doing a head over heels (roly-poly) just like an acrobat. Or they could be a strong man and lift cardboard tube weights or try juggling with balls or bean bags.

Make a poster
Print off the poster template so that your child can fill the poster with drawings of the performing biscuits at Biscuit bear’s circus.

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