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Clever Polly and the Stupid Wolf

clever pollyCatherine Storr

Age 7-9

This classic collection was written over 70 years ago, yet it is a surprisingly modern recasting of the traditional tale with a strong female character who uses her intelligence to outwit the less sharp wolf. Despite many hairy encounters with the hungry wolf, there are no quivering females here and granny, too, is made of sterner stuff than might be expected. Timeless.







Talk about the story

Talk together about the most interesting parts of the story and why you thought so.

Share anything you found surprising or puzzling about the story or the words used.

Can you remember the different ways Polly manages to escape the wolf?

Have you ever overcome your fear of something? Say what happened and how you felt.

What was your favourite story and why?

Things to make and do

Make a story box

Using a shoebox or other small cardboard box, children can cut down two edges so that they can open one side out. Then they can create a scene from one of the stories in the box. They could decorate the inside like a stage, and use animal figures or make animals out of modelling material. Children can then use their scene to retell one, or more, of the stories. Click here

Male up your own wolf tale
Children can write their own traditional or modern story about tricking the wolf using words and pictures.

Make and information book about wolves
What do children know about wolves and what else would they like to find out? From research on the web and in books, children can gather answers to their questions, organise their ideas, and make their own information book to include maps, drawings, diagrams, captions and written material. Some websites to help include:


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