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Dinosaur Chase!


dinosaur chase lgeBenedict Blathwayt
Red Fox
Age 5-7

When Fin the dinosaur is playing with friends a group of bigger dinosaurs come along, spoil his game and chase him. However Fin eventually gets the better of his tormentors and discovers he can fly. There is plenty to talk about in this enjoyable story which introduces the idea that we all good at different things.


green diinosaur flipShare the story

Read aloud
When you are reading the book pause to talk about the detailed pictures if your child wants to.

Join in
On re reading the story children will enjoy joining in with the repeated phrases – ‘We can do that! We can …too!’

Talk about the book
Talk about the creatures you spot in the illustrations. What does your child like about the story? Do they like the way the story ends?

Things to make and do

Play a word game

Play ‘Guess the dinosaur’ – using the dinosaurs illustrated in the book take turns in describing them to each other eg ‘I’m thinking of a dinosaur that has three horns on its head and is very bumpy. Can you find it?’

Play a board game

Print off the track board (cut out, colour in) chance cards and instructions and play a Dinosaur Chase board game.

Play the story

Using toy dinosaurs  or other small toys you can re-enact the story together. If you have a big space you might be able to create the different terrain in the story, with  green material perhaps for the forest, yellow for the sand, blue for  water and  a box for the mountain.

Make a dinosaur collage using small bits of paper torn from colour magazines and glue your child can create a dinosaur picture on a large sheet of paper.

Make a book   Find out more about dinosaurs together and make a dinosaur information book.  Click here to find out how to make a simple zig-zag book.

completed book

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