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doggerShirley Hughes
Red Fox  
Age 5-7

Dogger is a classic picture book about a small boy called Dave and his favourite toy Dogger, that he takes everywhere with him. When Dave loses Dogger he is very sad and everyone tries to help. When Dave spots another child with his favourite toy it is Bella, Dave’s sister who finds a way to solve the problem. This is a sensitive story about feelings, losing something precious and thinking about others.



Share the story

Read aloud
Read the story aloud allowing time to talk about what is happening in the story and the illustrations.

Talk about the book
The detailed illustrations give lots to talk about. Have a close look at some of them together, for example the illustration of the fair. Can your child spot Dave, Bella and baby Joe? What else can they see?

Dave’s facial expressions make his feelings very clear. Talk about how Dave feels about Dogger, about losing him and about Bella at different points in the story.

Tell the story
Once your child has heard the story a few times they can tell it themselves, in their own words, using the illustrations to help them.

Watch the story

Play the story
Create a stall with toys for sale – children could make price labels. Bunting made from decorated paper triangles could be hung around the stall. Take turns buying and selling the toys.

Have an egg and spoon race, in the garden or the park.

Draw your favourite toy
Print off the picture frame sheet so your child can draw a picture of themselves with their favourite toy. Alternatively you could take photos of them with their favourite toy to stick in the frame.

Make a poster
Make a missing toy poster for Dogger using the poster template provided 

Make a thank you card
Print off the card template so your child can pretend to be Dave and make a thank you card for Bella with a message and a picture.

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