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Fire fox

Alexandra Page, illus. Stef Murphy
Two Hoots
Age 5-7+

This is a beautiful written story about a young girl, Freya and her mother who go to stay in a remote cabin set in a snowy landscape. Exploring her new environment Freya discovers a magical white fox and they play together. The fox seems to be creating wonderful colours as he speeds through the snowy landscape with Freya. When he disappears, colours fill the sky around her.

The story is based on legends of the Saami people of Northern Scandinavia about a white fox who scatters sparks which form the Northern Lights. The book might inspire children to find out more about the Northern Lights and create artwork in response to the ideas or illustrations. The loss of Freya’s father is suggested, and the story might also prompt conversations about loss, grief and sharing good memories of loved ones.

Watch a video of the author, Alexandra Page, reading the story aloud


Share the story

Read Aloud
Before beginning to read the story look at the cover and also the end papers together and talk about where this story might take place and what sort of story it might be. Read the story aloud to your child.

Join in
Once children are familiar with the story, they might enjoy creating sound effects as you read, for example for the wind shrieking. They could also act out Freya’s gestures such as when she is shivering.

Talk about the book
There are some wonderful illustrations in this story and some beautifully written lines (for example Snowflakes scattered in the air like stars). Share your favourite lines and illustrations and talk about what you like about them.
Talk about how Freya might feel at different points in the story such as when she frirst arrives at the cabin, when she sees the fox

Things to make and do

Make a picture
Your child could paint a colourful picture of the Northern Lights, looking at the illustrations n the book or links below for inspiration. You could use crayons or pastels if you don’t have paints.

You might like to try a ‘string pull picture – this is easier if you make it together:
– squeeze blobs of paint in the middle of a piece of paper on the paper
– lay pieces of string longer than the paper over the paint
– fold the paper in half
– press down hard on the paper with one hard while pulling each piece of string with the other hand.
– Try wiggling it a bit to get different effects.

Make a toy sledge
You could use a cardboard box to make a sled for a big teddy or lollysticks and pipe cleaners to make one for a small toy figure. Here is a link with ideas Popsicle Stick Toy Sled Project | Woo! Jr. Kids Activities : Children’s Publishing (

Give a toy a ride on your sled – you could make a slope with a piece of wood or a tray.

Create a poem
Choose 3 or 4 favourite lines from the story. Write them on strips of paper. Try putting them in different orders to see how they sound. Stick them down in the middle of a piece of paper. Make a border around the outside. Your child can then look for somewhere to display their poem and find someone to read it to.

Make a family photo album
At the end of the story Freya is looking at a family album. Look through your own family albums or photographs together. Perhaps your child could select a few photos of people in the family, past and present, to make their own special album full of memories.

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