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Natalia and Lauren O’Hara
Walker Books
Age 7-9

Can you feel a tremble in the wind?……Frindleswylde is coming.’ The story begins with Cora’s grandmother warning her about Frindleswylde, a strange creature who appears in winter and from whom nothing and no one in safe. Of course, very soon Frindleswylde appears – and Cora’s adventure finds begins.

This is a feminist fairy tale with a brave heroine, a stunning setting, a cunning foe and three seemingly impossible tasks. The story is a metaphor for the changing of the seasons, steeped in Nordic folk lore with echoes of Robert Swindell’s The Ice Palace and Anderson’s The Snow Queen.

The text is beautifully written, descriptive and rhythmic and it would be perfect to read aloud on chilly winter evenings. The illustrations shimmer, illustrating Frindleswylde’s mysterious icy world beautifully.

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Talk about the story

Read the story to your child and then talk about the story and pictures together.

Talk about whether this story reminds you of any others you know.

Share favourite parts of the book – this could be lines from the story, illustrations or things that happen.

Think about Frindlewylde together and talk about why he might have behaved as he did. For example was he lonely?

Things to make and do

Make a story box
Make a box with the setting of Frindleswylde’s world. Decorated with icicles and including his icy throne. You could add little figures of Cora and Frindleswylde made from stiff card, decorate them with felt pens or paint and then act out part of the story. See how to make a story box.

Make a mini book
Make Cora’s book describing how she completed the three impossible tasks. See here for how to make a mini zig zag book.

Make a frosty picture
Use cool colours (blue, green and purple) and white glitter or icing sugar to make a frosty picture.

Window drawing
On a frosty day or when there is condensation on the window draw tiny crown shapes as if Frinsleswylde has visited.

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