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Honey Biscuits

honey biscuitsMeredith Hooper, Alison Bartlett (illus)
Francis Lincoln  
Age 3-7

This simple story, about a boy and his Gran making biscuits together, is packed with information.  Children will find out that all sorts of things are needed before biscuits can be made (or eaten) including cows, bees and hens as well as flour, sugar and eggs.  A beautifully illustrated and informative picture book which will make you and your child itching to start baking!



Share the storybiscuits

Read aloud
Before reading the story talk about the cover, what can your child spot? Count the biscuits on the plate before the story starts. Read the story aloud pausing when your child wants to talk about what is happening or what they can see.

Join in
As you re read the story point to the words that curve across the page. Encourage your child to join in, perhaps with the things Ben says in the story.  They might like to use actions for breaking the egg or beating and rolling the dough. Perhaps they can add sound effects too!

Tell the story
Children can tell you the story in their own words using the pictures to help them.

Watch the story read aloud here 

Things to make and do

Write a shopping list
Write a list together of all the things you need to make honey biscuits. Children beginning to write can have a go themselves; it doesn’t matter if they can’t spell all the words.

Go shopping
Go to the local supermarket to find the ingredients to make biscuits. Your child can try to spot everything you need and put each item in the basket.

Bake some honey biscuits
Follow the recipe on the inside back cover of the book or similar (see below) and bake some honey biscuits together. Children can help weighing ingredients, mixing and kneading.  Enjoy the smell of the cinnamon  and maybe  taste the mixture when the biscuits are in the oven! Find out more here.

Counting and sharing
Count the biscuits you have made and talk about how many everyone in your family would have if you share them out.

Make a recipe book
Children can make a mini honey biscuits recipe book drawing and writing a different stage on each page click here for how to make a zig zag book.

Learn a rhyme about biscuits.
Click here for rhymes about biscuits.


Find out more

Read more books for young children by Meredith Hooper, titles include:

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Find out more about honey biscuits.
Have a look at these images and talk again about all the things in the story needed to make honey biscuits.

Make butter
Older children might like to have a go at making butter with you. They will need help in following the instructions and with all the shaking; the whole family might need to take turns! Find out how here.