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Hooray for Bread

hooray for breadAllan Ahlberg, Bruce Ingman (illus)
Walker Books
Age 3-7

This is a marvellously memorable account of the journey of a loaf of bread from the moment it emerges fresh from the oven to the few remaining breadcrumbs at the end of the day. Told in rhyme with refrains children won’t be able to resist shouting out, it’s an enjoyable story to read aloud and a perfect way to explore bread’s tasty possibilities.



Share the story

Read aloud
Read the story aloud, talking together about the exuberant pictures as you do. Talking about the book makes space for children to ask questions, share their ideas and deepens their understanding.

Join in
Re read the story, encouraging children turn the pages and leaving spaces for them to join in with the refrains and rhymes. Rereading also gives children a chance to ask more questions and to expand their understanding.

Tell the story
Sharing the story many times helps to build children’s familiarity with the story and language. They will become confident to say it in their own words, using the pictures to help them. This will help them to read the words on the page and to become more fluent and independent as readers.

Things to make and do

Make a daily bread chart
Children can make a chart showing all the ways they (and others) eat bread. It can be organised over a week, with space to write and draw all the different ways bread was eaten from Monday to Sunday.

Make bread
Choose a recipe to make your own loaf of bread – see BBC food white loaf, BBC good food brown loaf.

Make a bread book
Make a book of breads from all over the world. Find out about bread by looking at the supermarket and on the internet. Draw, photograph or cut out pictures of different breads to include in the book, with labels of the name and which country where it was originally made, eg Naan bread from India.

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