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I am Henry Finch

Alexis Deacon and Viviane Schwarz

Walker Books
Age 5-7+

Life is pretty repetitive for the finches; every day is the same, except that is when the beast turns up and gobbles one of them up. But even then the finches don’t really think about the sameness of their lives or indeed think about anything at all. But one day Henry Finch realises he can think. This leads him to consider that he could do all sorts of things including being very heroic and fighting the beast. Although this doesn’t immediately go according to plan, eventually Henry is able to get the better of the beast. On his return to the flock he encourages the other finches to take their fate into their hands and have adventures of their own.


Share the story

Read aloud
Read the story aloud pausing to talk about the story and illustrations when your child wishes to.

Join in
As you read the story again children might like to join in, perhaps with the finches saying good morning and goodnight and the conversation Henry Finch has with the beast

Talk about the story

Talk about all the things Henry thought about when he realised he could think and later when he was swallowed by the beast.
What did the other finches think about?
Have you ever listened to your thoughts? What was it like?
What does this story make you think about?
What advice would you give Henry and the other finches in case another beast comes along? How else could they get the better of him?

Things to make and do

Make a thumb print picture
Use printing ink or ink pads to make thumb and finger prints. When dry add details eg wings and beaks with a pen to make birds like Henry Finch.

Write a postcard
Write postcards from some of the finches back to the flock describing their adventures, you could draw a picture on one side of your postcard and a message on the other side.

Make a poster
Make a ‘beware of the beast’ warning poster

Write another story
Write another adventure in which Henry and the finches find a way to trick another beast  

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