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Knuffle Bunny

knuffle bunnyMo Willems
Walker Books  
Age 0-5

When Trixie takes Knuffle Bunny to the Laundromat everything goes well until they head home and Trixie realises she has left her favourite toy behind! No matter how upset she becomes dad doesn’t understand. Fortunately Mum realises the problem straight away and Knuffle Bunny is rescued. This is a story about losing something precious and the difficulties of making yourself understood and relying on others when you are very young.

Share the story

Read aloud
Before you start reading the book, talk about the illustrations on the cover and on the copyright page which show Trixie’s parents’ wedding and her birth. Talk about what is happening in the pictures and what the story might be about.

Read the story aloud pointing out the different characters as you do.

Join in
When you return to the book and read it again your child might like to join in with Trixie and dad’s route to the Laundromat or Trixie’s attempts to get dad to understand. Perhaps a toy rabbit or favourite soft toy could come and listen to the story too.

Watch the story

From Reading Circle


Tell the story

Your child could tell the story in their own words using the illustrations to help them.

Talk about the story
Talk about how Trixie is feeling at different points in the story,  and
why dad is confused. The pictures will help children interpret the emotions.

Things to make and do

Do some washing
Using a bowl of soapy water children could have a go at washing one or two of their toys, rinsing them and hanging them up to dry.

Perhaps your child could help sort washing with you. If there is a laundrette nearby you could have a look inside.Very young children often enjoy watching clothes going round in a washing machine.

Play hide and seek
With a toy chosen to be Knuffle Bunny play hide and seek together.

Draw a picture
Does your child have a favourite toy? Your child could draw themselves with their favourite toy in this special frame.

Make a picture story
If you have a camera or camera phone go out together and take photographs of your street and the local park. If possible print black and white images of the photos onto A4 paper. Your child can make crayon drawings of themselves with their favourite toy, cut them out and stick them on the backgrounds like the illustrations in the story.

Talk about family memories
Look at some family photographs, including baby photos, like the ones at the beginning of the book together. Talk about first words. Can you remember what your child’s were?

Does your child remember a time when they couldn’t make you or another grown up understand something?

Find out more

Read about more books by Mo Willems and visit his website here which has additional resources and videos with advice for parents.

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