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Little Badman and the Invasion of the Killer Aunties

Humza Arshad and Henry White,  Illus. Aleksei Bitskoff
Penguin Random House
Age 8-11

Humza Khan aka Little Badman wants to be a famous ninja rapper, it is his destiny. When strange things start happening at his primary school – staff mysteriously disappearing and being replaced by an army of food obsessed aunties he and his friends Wendy and Omar decide to find out why.

This is a funny and page turning story in which Humza not only solves the mystery and saves the world from an alien invasion but also comes to appreciate his family, learns to be brave and finds out that there is more to aim for in life than just becoming famous.

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Talk about the story

  • Talk about the clues early in the story to show that something is wrong.

  • Think about the characters, did anyone surprise you? For example, the aunties being scary, grandpa being much more interesting than he seems or Wendy becoming a good friend.

  • Talk about the parts of the story you found funniest or scariest.

Things to make and do

Draw a scene from the story
Draw a favourite scene from story, eg maybe from the end of the book when Little Badman performs his rap or the aliens disappear in their spaceship.

Perform Little Badman’s rap and write one of your own
In chapter 15 Little Badman performs his rap. Have a go at performing his rap yourself! Watch the videos here and here first. The second one is a good background beat for your performance. This can be fun to perform with someone else. You could try writing and performing your own rap poem too.

Learn a magic trick
Look at the pages at the back of the book and learn Grandpa’s disappearing coin trick. See if you can amaze your family with it. Learn more magic tricks here 

Talent show
Now you can rap and perform magic tricks why not organise your own talent show? Maybe your friends and family can join in with different skills. You could write a programme and organise a performance.


See our print-off activity book with some of these ideas and other activities

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