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Mango and Bambang: The Not-a-Pig

mango and bambangPolly Faber, Clara Vulliamy (illus)
Walker Books

Age 6-8

This is a beautifully designed book with words and pictures combining perfectly to tell four engaging stories about a girl called Mango Allsorts. As her name suggests, Mango is good at all sorts of things. She is a chess whizz, nearly a black belt in karate, a great cook and brilliant at sorting out muddles. This comes in handy when she meets Bambang; an Asian tapir alone and very frightened in the middle of a busy city street. Mango also proves very good at making tapirs feel happy and safe. How can Bambang ever repay her kindness? Eventually he finds a way when he discovers his musical ability might help Mango prepare for a clarinet performance she is worried about.

Mango and Bambang is a story about an unusual friendship, loneliness and bravery in tackling things which seem difficult.



Talk about the story

As you read the book allow time to pause to talk about what is happening when your child wants to discuss anything they notice or wonder about the story, characters, illustrations or layout.

After finishing the book – share favourite parts of the stories and favourite illustrations and talk about why you chose them.

Talk about how Mango and Bambang each felt at the beginning of the story and how this changes.

How do adults in the story react to Bambang?

What would you tell someone else about this book?

Things to make and do

Children could draw a picture for a newspaper showing Bambang  hiding on the zebra crossing – they could add a caption for their picture too.

Find out about tapirs and make a mini fact book adding a fact and an illustration on each page.

Find out about camouflage. Bambang chose a zebra crossing to lie on – what other animals use camouflage?

Make a camouflage painting in black and white with a hidden Bambang.

Mango is good at making banana pancakes. Have a go at making some together.


Find out more

Visit the author and illustrator websites

Polly Faber
Clara Vulliamy

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Read another story about Mango and Bambang by Polly Faber and Clara Vulliamy – Mango and Bambang: tapir all at sea


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