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Mog the Forgetful Cat

Judith Kerr
Harper Collins
Age 3-5 years

Mog is a loveable family pet. Mum and Dad sometimes find she can be a bit of a nuisance though, particularly when it comes to remembering she has a cat flap. One day Mog gets into all sorts of trouble. She ends up alone in the garden at night feeling very sorry for herself. But when she unwittingly disturbs a burglar, suddenly she becomes a hero, and everyone is praising her instead of grumbling about her.

Now a picture book classic, first published over forty years ago, this is a warm, humorous and enjoyable story about a very appealing if rather hapless cat who saves the day.


Share the story

Read aloud
Read the story aloud to your child pausing to talk about the story or illustrations when your child wants to.

Join in
When you return to the story and your child is familiar with it you can encourage them to join in. For example, they may like to read the words ‘Bother that cat!’  or alternate lines for some sections, for example the page about the garden.

Talk about the book

  • Talk about all the things Mog forgets in the story

  • Talk about how Mog feels at different points in the story

  • How do Mum and Dad feel about Mog?

  • If you have a pet cat or know someone who does talk about the ways they are like Mog or different from Mog.

Tell the story
Your child can tell the story to you using the pictures as prompts. You may find they use the same language as the story, or they may tell it using their own words.

Watch the story read aloud

Things to make and do

Be a cat spotter
Look out for cats as you go out and about. What are they doing, do any look like Mog or behave like her?

Make a reward for Mog
Make a badge for Mog from a circle of card on a ribbon or string. Your child could decorate the badge with felt tip pens.

Paint a picture
Paint a picture of Mog. Your child could decide whether to paint her looking sad or happy.

Make a book about Mog
Make a mini book for your child from folded paper. Talk about your child’s favourite parts of the story. They can fill the mini book with their own pictures of Mog and what happens to her in their favourite parts of the story.

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