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More things to do with alphabet books

Becoming familiar with the alphabet is a gradual process – here are a few suggestions

In the early stages…

Make a name book
Use photos of members of the family – eg Mum, Granny, Sarah, Jack etc
A child’s first knowledge of letters comes from their own names and the names of people he or she knows.

Sing the alphabet song
You can  this traditional version of the alphabet song together which includes capital and small letters: Children gradually become able to associate the shape of letters, the letter names and sounds.

Here is another alphabet song.

Make letter shapes out of plasticine or playdough.

Draw letters on paper, with a stick in sand, with a finger on a steamed up window, on each other’s backs ( and guess the letter!)

Make collections of things that start with the first letter of your child’s name or the names of members of your family or friends.


Later on…

Plastic letters
Buy a cheap set of plastic letters – you can buy upper and lower case letters – play at sorting, matching and putting in order. Magnetic letters can be fun to play with on the fridge.

Make your own alphabet book
You can sew a book or stick several zig zag books together – you can use names of family and friends, fruit and vegetables, favourite TV characters or animals

Play a shopping game
I went shopping and I bought a teddy, a toy, a tomato.