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My Brother is a Superhero

David Solomons
Nosy Crow
Age 9-11

When Luke’s annoying brother Zack is randomly selected by a visiting alien to save not one but two universes and is equipped with a range of amazing superpowers Luke is not too happy about it; HE should have been chosen, HE is the superhero expert after all. If only he hadn’t left his brother alone for five minutes while answering the call of nature!

This is a very amusing and exciting story in which younger brother Luke finds himself in a race against time to help save the world and his brother from an evil power-hungry villain. Packed with superhero fun, this book includes real insights into the ups and downs of sibling relationships.

Listen to the first chapter read aloud 



Talk about the story

  • What would you tell someone else about this story?

  • What superpower would you like to have? You could have a family debate about the relative merits of being able to fly, have super hearing, or the power of telekinesis.

  • Talk about the characters you found most interesting, their feelings and how other characters feel about them.

Things to make and do

Draw or paint a picture of Star Lad deflecting the asteroid from Earth at the end of the story.

Make a poster
Make a poster advertising Star Boy as a superhero ready to save the day. What sort of outfit will he wear? Don’t forget to include his superpowers.

Create a superhero
Design your own superhero. You could draw your ideas or improvise an outfit and dress up as your superhero. See if someone can take a photo of you in your outfit. What sorts of superpowers would you have?

Write a comic strip story
Make a comic strip story with a further adventure for Star Boy. Or you might prefer to write an adventure for your own superhero. Here is a comic template to use.

Make a superhero chart
Choose four or more superheroes. Draw them on a chart adding information about their superpowers and the names of their alter egos. See links below to find out more about superheroes.

See our print-off activity book with some of these ideas and other activities


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