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Pugs of the Frozen North

pugsoffrozennothPhilip Reeve and Sarah McIntyre 
Oxford University Press

Age 7-9

Shen and Sika meet in the frozen north on the first day of True Winter. Sika needs dogs to pull her sledge and help her win the race to the Snowfather’s Palace at the top of the world. Shen, a cabin boy, abandoned by his crewmates when their ship becomes stuck fast in the ice, has 66 pugs he has rescued. They soon team up, but will the small dogs be strong enough to pull Sika’s sledge?

A fantastical snowy adventure story about wishes, kindness, loneliness and loss, beautifully told with humour and some poignant moments through a brilliant combination of words and pictures.



Talk about the book

What would you make if you came across some ‘anything snow’?

How did Sika feel when she first met Shen, and before and after meeting the Snowfather?

How did Shen’s feelings about what he wanted change?

Which character:

did you find most interesting?

did you like most?

would you like to be?

Rachel and her daughter Martha tell us their thoughts on Pugs of the Frozen North and our activity ideas:
‘Martha loved reading Pugs of the Frozen North and she devoured it in one go! We've also read it together with my younger son. It's an enchanting story with beautiful illustrations. We all loved the noodle eating Yetis!’

Martha said 'I loved all the different kinds of snow. I'd like to find 'Anything Snow,' so I could make books. I'd make my own library.'

‘Thank you Lovemybooks for such a fantastic recommendation and such great activities to continue the fun further. You've inspired us to read more books by Philip Reeve and Sarah McIntyre and we are just about to start Cakes in Space.’

Things to make and do

Make a map of the story

Draw a big map of the storyworld with all the key places included and labelled eg Lucky Star, Po of ice, Kraken Deep, The Lost Hope, The Snowfather’s Palace. Your child could use their maps to help them tell you the story.

Write a diary
Imagining they are either Shen or Sika children could make a mini folded paper diary to write about their visit to the Snowfather’s palace to help them remember the story so they can pass it on.

Make a race to the Top of the World book
Children could make a booklet about the race to the Top of the World described in the story using a scrapbook or by folding several sheets of A4or A3 paper in half and stapling them.

The book could include:

profiles of the contestants

information about the prize and a picture of the Snowfather’s palace

advice for contestants about dangers on the way eg the Kraken

a chart with some of the 50 kinds of snow with pictures and captions

Design a sledge
Children could design their own sledge to take part in the competition. What would it look like? Who would it be for? How would it be pulled along? Perhaps children could make a junk model of their design too. 

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