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Shh! We Have a Plan

shh we have a planChris Haughton
Walker Books
Age 3-5

Shh! Four hopeful hunters set out into the woods with a secret plan to capture a beautiful bird. But, after a series of pantomime-worthy mishaps, their plan comes to nothing. Finally chased off by the birds, they spy a squirrel and set off in hot pursuit with another ‘plan’. So another saga begins…

Children will enjoy the suspense, slapstick and being smarter than the villains in this humorous tale. Some might be reminded of other hapless hunters, such as the fox in Rosie’s Walk (Pat Hutchins). The distinctive, quirky illustrations and glowing colours add to the pleasure.


Share the story

Read aloud
Read the story aloud, talking together about the pictures as you do. Talking about the book makes space for children to ask questions, share their thoughts and deepens their understanding. What do they imagine the little one is thinking?

Join in
Re-read the story, encouraging children to join in with the repetition and fun: ‘ready one, ready two, ready three… GO!’

Tell the story
When children hear the story several times they’ll get to know it really well. This helps them to tell it in their own words, using the pictures as prompts. Listen for the ways they use words and phrases from the story. This familiarity will help them to read the story independently and with increasing accuracy.

Watch a Trailer

Walker Books

Things to make and do

Tell the story
Children can re-enact and retell the tale of the hilarious villains. Using movement and the repetition to build the suspense, swiftly followed by disappointment, will make it exciting and amusing for their audience.

Play a game
Play ‘What’s the Time Mr Wolf’ to experience, first-hand, suspense, chasing and being chased.

Draw and write the next story
What happens next? Children can draw and write what they imagine happens next in the story of the hunters and the squirrel.

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