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Sally Grindley, illus. Peter Upton
Hodder Children’s Books
Age 3-7

‘Shhh! Be quiet you are about to enter a giant’s castle!’ In this story an unseen narrator speaks directly to the reader inviting them to step inside a giant’s castle. As the pages turn, we pass the giant’s pets; a mouse and a cat, the giant’s hen laying enormous eggs and his wife cooking dinner. The tension mounts as we see the giant snoring – dare we wake him up? What will happen if we do?!!

This is a deliciously and slightly scary story perfect for sharing snuggled together. The lift the flap format is great fun, encouraging children to take part in the story, answer the narrator’s questions and, if they are brave enough to shout ‘Boo!’ very loudly to wake him up!

Lynda Graham, grandparent and UKLA representative introduces the book here.

Watch the story read aloud


Share the story

Read aloud
This is a story perfect for reading in a loud whisper.  Encourage your child to take part by opening the flaps, saying ‘boo’ to the giant (if they dare) and shutting the book firmly at the end. 

Tell the story
Once familiar with the book, your child could tell you the story in their own words, using the illustrations to guide them, beginning of course by telling you to be very quiet!

Talk about the story
Talk about whether this story reminds you and your child of any other stories you know eg Jack and the Beanstalk.
Talk about what your child would like to happen next, if the story continued.
Share your favourite pages.
Which other animals might be in the giant’s castle?

Things to make and do

Play the story
Go on an imaginary adventure into the giant’s castle being very quiet. If there is an extra adult available to be the giant even better, they could pretend to be fast asleep snoring and then wake up perhaps for some giant tickling.

Make a lift the flap book
Your child might like to make their own version of the story, or a section of it. You need two or more pieces of A4 paper folded together in half. On the first double page spread encourage your child to draw a character from the story, or one of their own on the left-hand side. Turn over and on the next page, cut a flap for your child in line with the face of the character your child has drawn on the previous page. Look back at the book for more  ideas. Add more scenes, characters and flaps if your child would like to.  When finished you can read your story together.

How big would a giant’s footsteps be?
Use a big piece of paper or newspaper, draw and cut out some giant footprints together.   Lay them out on the floor or in the garden.  How far apart will they be? How much bigger than your child’s footprints are they?

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