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Silly Suzy Goose

silly suzy goose

Petr Horacek
Walker Books                     
Age 0-5

Suzy Goose is desperate to be different and stand out from the crowd. She wants to squawk like a toucan, hang upside down like a bat and stretch like a giraffe. But when she roars like a lion she has to run for her life, back to the safety of her goose friends who understand she will always be a bit different.

This vibrant picture book is an amusing and dramatic lesson on the virtues of being true to yourself.



Share the story

Read aloud
Before beginning the story, encourage children to look at the cover, the back and front, and to imagine why the character is called ‘Silly’. Then read through the story, stopping to talk about the pictures and deciding if she really is Silly Suzy Goose.

Join in
As you re read the book encourage children to join in, saying the words in large print and doing the actions for FLAP, SQUAWK, SLIDE, JUMP, STRETCH, SPLASH, RUN, SWIM and ROARRRRRR!

Talk about the story
Which pages did children like best? Choose your favourites and discuss why.

Talk about why Suzy Goose was happier being home with her goose friends..

Tell the story
Using the pictures in the book, children can tell the story in their own words.

Watch the story

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Things to make and do

Make an animal information book
Find out more about the animals in the story. Children can make a simple zigzag book with a drawing and interesting facts about each one on a page of the book.

Make a self-portrait
On a large piece of paper, children can draw a picture of themselves and add information about what they like doing and what is special about them. They can also collect more information from family and friends to add to the portrait to show what makes them unique

Make a card game
Fold and cut a sheet of A4 paper or card into eight equal rectangles. Children can draw eight of the animals, one on eight cards. Make another eight cards from another sheet of paper and write the words FLAP, SQUAWK, SLIDE, JUMP, STRETCH, SPLASH, RUN, SWIM and ROARRRRRR, one on each. Place the animal cards, face up, in a row on one side and the words in a row next to them. Children can match the words and pictures or play a pairs game. With cards face down  take it in turns to turn over a picture and word card. If they match collect the pair and have another turn (put a dot on the back all of the word cards so they don’t get mixed up).

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