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Stomp, Dinosaur, Stomp!

stomp dinosaur stompMargaret Mayo, Alex Ayliffe (illus)
Orchard  Books
Age 3-5

‘STOMP, DINOSAUR STOMP!’ introduces a different dinosaur on every page. This is a striking picture book with big, bold, colourful illustrations. The book has a strong rhythm making it a great book for joining in – NOISILY!




Share the story

Read aloud
Read the book aloud emphasising the words in bold. Allow time to look closely at the pictures, trace the shape of the diplodocus from its head to the tip of its tail.

Join in
When you re read the book point to the words as they curve or slant across the page and get bigger and bolder.

As children become familiar with the book they can join in with the refrain on each page eg ‘So stomp Tyrannosaurus, stomp!’ They can make up actions for chomping, stomping, gliding and swishing would be fun too.

Talk about the book
Talk about the different dinosaurs in the book, say their names following the guide in the end papers. Count the velociraptors and the oviraptor eggs.

Watch the story read aloud

From Give us a Story

Things to make and do

Play the story
Arrange toy dinosaurs or other toys in a row as if they are dinosaurs in a parade.

Make dinosaur puppets
Cut dinosaur shapes out from card and stick them onto handles made from lolly sticks, gardening sticks or plastic straws Click here for some templates
Once your child has a few puppets they can use them to tell the story.

Play a game
Print off and play the dinosaur card game, you could play as snap, finding pairs or matching names to the dinosaurs.

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Find out more about dinosaurs…
What would your child like to find out about dinosaurs? Look at information books in the library together or visit dinosaur websites to find out something new.

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