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The New Small Person

the new small personLauren Child
Age 3-5

Elmore started off life as an only child and wants it to stay that way. He loves being ‘the funniest, cleverest, most adorable person someone has ever seen. But one day everything changed..’ Poor Elmore. Or lucky Elmore? Time will tell.

By award-winning author/illustrator of Charlie and Lola, Lauren Child, this humorous and sympathetic picture book deals with the upset caused by the arrival of a second baby in the family. There’s a lot to talk about and enjoy in this well-observed story.


Share the story

Read aloud
Before reading the story, encourage children to look at the cover and to talk about what they notice. Then read through the story. Pause on the page, ‘But one day everything changed..’ to get children thinking and  bring out the suspense and humour in the book.

Join in
As you read and reread the book, encourage children to join in where they can. Their confidence and enjoyment will build as you revisit the book together and children become more familiar with the story and story language.

Talk about the story
Talk together about which part of the story children like best and why. Have they ever felt like Elmore?

Tell the story
Using the pictures in the book, children can retell the story in their own words.

Things to make and do

Make a collage
Use magazine pictures, spare pieces of fabric and glue to make a picture. Children can cut out shapes to make an illustration of themselves or their bedroom, or both!

Tell a story
Children can make up their own ending to the story. You can help them write it down and they can draw more pictures if they’d like to. When it’s finished, you can read it aloud together.

Role play
What would Elmore say to his parents about his feelings? What is it like for Elmore when he has a new baby brother? What has changed in his life?

A list of the best
What are the ten best things about being an only child?
What are the ten best things about having a brother or a sister?
Choose one of these and make a list.

Favourite things
Like Elmore, children can make a line of their own favourite toys or precious things as if they are an exhibition. Then they can give you a tour explaining what makes each of them special and how they like to play with each item. Maybe you can take photos or film their presentation.


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