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Where’s Spot?

spotthedogEric Hill
Puffin Books
Age 0-3

It’s dinner time but Sally can’t find her puppy Spot anywhere, where can he be? Babies and young children will love searching the pages of this lift the flap picture book to help Sally find Spot, discovering a host of other animals along the way. Where’s Spot is the first in the hugely popular series of Spot books about the appealing puppy experiencing many of the everyday things with which young children are familiar.





Share the storydog colour

Read aloud
Children will enjoy hearing you read this simple story aloud and lifting the flaps to see if they can find Spot, being careful little fingers don’t rip the flaps off!

Join in
As you re read the story your child can join in with the no’s and will enjoy hissing when they see the snake, roaring for the lion and ticking for the clock.

Talk about the story
Talk about all the different animals Sally finds as she searches for Spot. See if children can remember which animal was inside the clock, behind the door, under the bed. Children can then check to see if they are right.

Watch the story

From Sharing Children’s Stories

Things to make and do

Play the story
Play Where’s Spot? or Where’s Teddy? Hide a cuddly toy for your child to find. You could try to hide the toy under, inside, behind something to use some of the words from the story. Babies who are crawling will enjoy this game but will need to see you hide the toy if they are gong to be able to find it!

Draw a picture
Toddlers beginning to draw can make their own picture of Spot in his basket, click here for a special sheet. Thick crayons would be nice to use for this.

Make a lift the flap card
Children 3 or over could make a lift the flap book with Spot or another animal hiding behind the flap. Click here for instructions.

Find out more

Visit the Fun with Spot website here for interactive stories, games, a ‘create your own story’ section and downloadable activities and resources.

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