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A Bit Lost


Chris Haughton          
Age 0-5 years

Little Owl falls off his perch and is lost. Squirrel offers to help and introduces him to bear, rabbit and frog hoping that each one, in turn, is his mummy. Little Owl is finally reunited with his mother but, perhaps, not for long..

This multiple award-winning picture book is wonderfully illustrated, with quirky characters to convey this touching story with gentle humour.


Share the story

Watch the trailer

Read aloud

Read the story aloud, taking time to talk together about the pictures as you do. Encourage children to imagine what might happen next and turn the page to see if their predictions were right. Talking about the book deepens children’s enjoyment and understanding of the story.

Join in
Read the story again, this time leaving spaces for children to join in with the repeated phrases.

Tell the story
After hearing the story a few times, children will get to know it well. Encourage them tell it to you in their own words, with some words or phrases from the story, using the pictures to help them.

Talk about the story

Talk about the different animals in the  story

What does baby owl’s mummy look like?

Watch the story read aloud

Things to make and do

Children can use animal toys for the owl, squirrel and other animals to act out the story. It’s a really good way for them to get to know the story well and helps to build their confidence with books. They could also use finger puppets to tell the story.








Make a flap scene
Using paper or card and coloured pens, children can make a book to retell the story in their own words and pictures.

Make a game
Download the game sheet and cut out the cards to play a pairs game, matching the baby animals to their mothers. Then play the game by placing the cards face down so children need to remember where the cards are to match them.

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