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Can I Sit in the Middle?                           


Susanne Strasser
Translated by Melody Shaw
Gekko Press
Age 0-6 years

A child and four animal friends settle on the sofa for a story – but at the last minute they have to pause because stork wants to join in. And so a series of false starts follows as there is interruption after interruption before storytime can properly begin. Many parents will relate to this scenario.

With lots of repetition, and humour in both the text and illustration this a great book to share again and again with young children.

Take a look inside the book


Share the story

Read aloud
Read the story aloud to your child – talking about the illustrations and what might happen next as you go.

Join in
Encourage your child to join in as you readi the story once they are familiar with it.

Talk about the book
Talk about all the different animals in the story and count them together.
Talk about which picture your child likes best and why.
Talk about which toys your child would share Storytime with and which books your child would read to them.

Things to make and do

Read a story to a group of toys
Encourage your child to group together some of their favourite toys and read a story to them (it doesn’t matter if they can’t actually read the words they can tell the stories instead).

Make a story den
Look at the last illustration where the child and all the animals are cosily in a den to have their story. Have a go at making your own den in a corner or under a table. Encourage your child to collect together all their favourite toys. See here for ideas/

Draw a picture
Suggest your child draw a funny picture of story time with animal friends like the ones in the book.

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