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Make a reading den




It is lovely to feel cosy when you are reading, whether in bed or curled up in an armchair. One great activity to try with your family is to make an improvised reading den.

This could be inside your home or outside on a fine day. It does not have to be elaborate, blankets draped over a table or chairs can do the trick, to make a tent like shape, especially if you can add some cushions and of course, a selection of books. If you want to go to town you could add fairy lights if you have them. You could make a den with your child or if you have older children, they might like to have a go on their own – while you supervise from a distance of course!

Ikea have posted some inspiring ideas for homemade forts which can easily be transformed into reading dens. See here.

We would love to see the dens you create so do send us your pictures of your child or children enjoying them to @lovemybooksUK with the hashtag #readingden and #lovemybooks or email to Thanks to our friends at Doorstep Library for the idea.