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Dragon Mountain

Katie and Kevin Tsang
Simon and Schuster
Age 7-10

Billy, Charlotte, Ling Fei and Dylan meet at a camp in rural China. They are there to learn about Chinese culture and language. Little do they realise they are also about to embark on a risky adventure involving bonding with a dragon to defeat the Noxwings and their leader who seeks domination of the human and dragon realms.

An exciting fantasy adventure sprinkled with elements from Chinese folklore with themes of loyalty bravery strength and teamwork. First in a new series of Dragon Realm stories.

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Talk about the book

  • If you could be any character in the story who would you choose? If you are reading the story with your child you could both make choices and explain why you picked a particular character.

  • What would you tell someone else about this book?

  • The stories of the Dragon Realm will continue in the next book – what would you like to happen next?

Things to make and do

Be an Artist

  • Make a picture of the Dragon Realm, you could include the landscape with a floating lake and a dead forest, the sky with three full moons and some of the strange creatures

  • Make a picture of your favourite dragon – it would be good to do this on a long piece of paper eg lining paper you could use paint or collage with bits of colourful or shiny paper

Be a writer

  • Plan a sequel to Dragon Mountain

The story will continue in the next volume. What would you like to happen next? Plan your first chapter and write an exciting first page.

  • Write a diary. Make a mini folded book. Design your cover. Imagine you are one of the four main characters. write your diary after you meet your dragon and discover your unique power

Create a Dragon Mountain board game

1.Decide on the aim of your game – eg to all get safely back to the Dragon Mountain after rescuing the caged dragons? Remember teamwork is key to the story!

  1. Create a baseboard. You can use the template here. Decorate it – perhaps you could turn the track into a gigantic dragon!

  2. Make a set of chance cards eg ‘Discover your unique power. Go forward 2.’ ‘A tiger is guarding the mountain. Miss a turn.’ ‘You are locked in a mountain go back 3.’

  3. Find a dice and figures or counters to be the players – characters from the story

  4. Write instructions. Play the game with a member of your family or friend.

Did it work well? How could you improve your game, so it is even more fun to play?

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