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My Green Day

Melanie Walsh
Walker Books
Age 3-7

A playful, environmentally-friendly journey through a day, from breakfast to bedtime, showing the small ways we can make choices to avoid waste and save energy. With Melanie Walsh’s characteristically clear, bright illustrations, this is a book to read aloud and talk about. Children can map a day in their own lives and choose ways to help conserve the world for future generations to enjoy.



Share the story

Read the book aloud
Read the book aloud, pausing to talk about and explain the information given.

Join in
Encourage children to open the flaps, ask questions and share what they know about looking after the environment.

Talk about the story

  • Talk together about the most interesting ideas in the book and why you both thought so.

  • Children can share anything they found surprising or puzzling about the book or the words used.

  • Talk together about what you both do already and any new ways of helping the planet.

Watch the story


Things to make and do

Make a map of your day
Using a large sheet of paper, children can draw and describe what they do on a typical day, starting with breakfast. They can draw an arrow to the next activity, and the next, until they reach bedtime. Creating a circle map is a good way to show time passing and how they begin and finish the day in the same place – bed! They can write labels for their drawings or you can help by writing their words.  Afterwards, children can use toy figures to act out ways to help save their world.

Make an information flap book about other practical ideas to help the planet
After reading My Green Day, what more can they do to help conserve the world’s resources? They can make a simple flap book containing their own ideas, one per spread, eg 3 more things to Make My Day Green.

Make a sculpture
Children can use cardboard, plastic, paper and fabric, and with glue, string or tape, create a sculpture by recycling materials into a wonderful new piece of art.

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