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Pom Pom is Super


Sophy Henn
Age 3-5 years

Pom Pom is excited because his friends are coming to play. He gets his toys ready and some snacks too. When his friends arrive, they are dressed as superheroes and they all have something they are super at. But what can Pom Pom do? Luckily his friends show him there are lots of things he is super at too.

An appealing story about finding your own talents and recognising we are all different and all special.


Share the story

Read aloud
Read the story aloud pausing when your child wants to talk about what is happening in the story or pictures. When you reach the part in the story where Pom Pom tries to fly you might like to talk about whether or not that is a good idea!

Join in
When children are familiar with the story, they can join in with parts of it including the sound effects, for example the ‘ding-dong’ as the doorbell rings.  They might like to do a little dance like Pom Pom does when you read the part about him being excited too.

Talk about the story

  • Talk together about how Pom Pom feels at different parts of the story and how we know.

  • Talk about what superpower would you would wish for and what you could do with it. You could make a suggestion first before asking your child to do so eg I would like to be invisible because…..

  • Talk about what your child is good at. This might be something like being helpful or being kind, encourage them and make suggestions yourself. Some of the ideas could be funny or unusual, as in the story. This could also be done about friends and other family members.

  • Find and repeat the names of the superheroes and how they describe themselves – children will hear the pattern ‘Fantastic, footballing Flash’ or ‘Twinkly, twirly Tornado.’ See if you can make up some more together.

Things to make and do

Draw a superhero outfit for Pom Pom
Children could draw a picture of Pom Pom dressed as a superhero using crayons, coloured pencils or felt tip pens.

Dress up as a superhero
Collect together some dressing up clothes and accessories (eg hats or sunglasses) so your child can create a costume for their own super-hero. What will they call themselves? What will their superhero skill be? Take a photo of them in their superhero outfit.

Get toys ready for friends to come to play
Children could invite one or two friends or members of the family, prepare toys and snacks and think about games to play. Alternatively, children could have an imaginary play date with toys as guests. 

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