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Space Dog

space dogMini Grey
Jonathan Cape
Age 5-7

When Space Dog rescues Astrocat he finds they get on really well; Astrocat can play Dogopoly and he is an amazing cook. In no time they are working as a team to sort out an explosive situation on planet FryUp42 and to save Moustronaut (another sworn enemy) who has been captured by the Cheese ants. When it is time to go back to Home Planet the three decide to head for the Unknown Zone so that they can stay together as friends rather than return home where they must be sworn enemies.

Space Dog is an imaginative and witty picturebook with fascinating detail in the wonderful illustrations. This is a universe in which ketchup bottles are volcanoes, whole planets are made of cheese and Space Dogs and Astrocats can sort out interplanetary problems. A space themed story about resolving differences, friendship and working as a team.


Share the story

Look at the book
Before reading the book look at the cover together and talk about what might happen in this story. Then look closely at the end papers together and talk about what you can both see in the space map.

Read aloud
Read the story aloud allowing time to pause talk about each double page spread when children want to.

Talk about the story
Talk about how Space dog, Astrocat and Moustronaut feel about each other at the beginning of the story and at the end of the story

Do children think Space dog, Astrocat and Moustronaut should have gone back to Earth together? What advice would you give them?

What would children like to happen next, after the story ends?

Things to make and do

Make a junk model rocket
Use plastic bottles or tubes, cartons and card to make a junk model rocket together. See here for some ideas.

Children could draw a picture of Space Dog as if he is looking out of the window. Keen model makers might like to make a models of Astrocat’s flying saucer as well, perhaps out of paper plates.

Write a news report
What might the Space Force news say about Space Dog going missing? What will the people on Home Planet think has happened? Using the template provided, children can write a news report with a headline and a picture.

Make your own adventure
What might happen next for the intrepid trio when they reach the Unknown Zone? Children could make up a new illustrated adventure for Space Dog and his new friends. Click here for how to make a mini book to write the story in.

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