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Where My Feet Go

where my feet goBirgitta Sif
Andersen Press
Age 0-5

A little panda gets up one morning and wonders where his feet might take him today. As he steps outside, his feet have all sorts of imaginary adventures; he is not jumping in a puddle he is splashing in the sea, when he is on a swing his feet are being tickled by the clouds and in a sandpit his feet just disappear!

A simple but charming story which shows how the everyday can become an adventure with just a little imagination. The delightful illustrations and repetition make this book fun to share again and again and there is lots of scope for playing the story as well.


Share the story

Read aloud
Read the story aloud to your child pausing to talk about anything they find interesting or puzzling as you do.

Join in
Once children have heard the story several times you can encourage them to join in, for example by completing the lines ‘My feet go..’

Talk about the story

Where did your feet go today? Where might they go/or where would you like them to go tomorrow?
Share favourite pages and talk about why you like them
Look at the final double page spread together – what other adventures might little panda’s feet have and what magical places might he go to? The illustrations gives lots of ideas.


Finlay, five years old, says: "I loved Eliot the Midnight Superhero because I want my dreams to be like that. My favourite part in the book is when Eliot is all quiet in his bedroom and his mum and dad think he is all quiet. It's funny because he is tricking them.”
His mum Jemma comments: “Finlay's favourite activities were making a junk model superhero machine. He made one that superheroes go through to get dressed and it puts their costume on for them and their ‘flying gear’. He made another one which was a robot that turned into a car. Lastly, he made a space rocket with a drawbridge with his sisters, and they played in this for a whole week; flying off to the beach and the moon.”

Things to make and do

Play the story
When you go for walks or trips to the park children can act out the story, imagining for example, a small hillock is a mountain or a log a creaking bridge.  Children can add ideas of their own and you can make up some together.

Make a mini photo album
Take photos of your child (and their feet!) in different places. Make a small folded book from sheets of A4 paper stapled together (or an exercise book) to use as a mini photo album. Print out the photos and stick into the book – one on each page. Talk about the photos together and write a caption for each one, reading what you have written to your child. Children can add drawings for the pages and on the cover.

Indoor play with shoes and boots
Collect together some shoes, slippers, socks and boots of different sizes if possible. Children can choose pairs to wear and imagine what they might be eg astronauts, firefighters or kings and queens.  You could play sorting games, looking for the biggest and smallest or making matching pairs.

Read a poem, say a rhyme about feet. Download our sheet


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