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Make a simple puppet theatre

Making a puppet theatre can be a great thing to make together as a family.

There are different ways you can go about making a simple theatre from cardboard boxes.

Cardboard boxes can be easily transformed to create a makeshift puppet theatre.

One method is to stick a couple of strong cardboard boxes together with tape, cut out a window for the performance space and decorate with paint, drawings or stickers. For a finishing touch you could add curtains made from fabric or wrapping paper. 

Watch this video for how to make a smaller puppet theatre from one cereal box.

No puppets? No problem! You can make your own – see our suggestions for stick puppets, sock puppets  and finger puppets. Why not choose a favourite story, make puppets for the main characters and act it out together?

For more puppet show inspiration take a look at The Little Angel Theatre’s YouTube channel which includes many wonderful video performances and instructional videos