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Our top 10+ information books

We’ve listed more than 10 information books – there are so many wonderful books for children aged 0-7. Young children enjoy information books as well as listening to stories – and these books and well written with wonderful illustrations

a is for africa thumbA is for Africa Ifeoma Onyefulu
Age 5-7

A is for Africa takes us on a fascinating photographic and cultural adventure focusing on village life across the continent: the arts and crafts, music, people, food, traditions and customs. A multiple-prizewinning book.

the beemanThe Beeman age  Laurie Krebs
Barefoot Books
Age 5-7

With a rhyming text (in the pattern of This is the House that Jack Built) this is a gentle and informative tale of a year in the life of a Beekeeper told from the perspective of a little girl who helps her grandfather, the town’s Beeman, care for the bees and harvest the honey.
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demolitionDemolition  Sally Sutton, Brian Lovelock (illus)
Age 3-5

‘Swing the ball. Swing the ball. Thump and smash and whack.
Bring the top floors tumbling down. Bang! Clang! Crack!‘

This fantastic book that excitingly conveys the drama and process of demolition, something close to many children’s hearts!  Parts of a great series including: Construction, Roadworks.
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emperor's eggThe Emperor’s Egg Martin Jenkins, Jane Chapman (illus)   
Age 5-7

This is a beautifully illustrated story of an Emperor penguin over a gruelling year in the Antarctic. Information packed and fascinating,
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facesFaces    David Goodman, Zoe Miller
Tate Publishing
Age 0-7

An inspiring and imaginative book containing creative ways of seeing and making faces using a variety of materials and techniques, including printing, collage and photographs of sculpture. Details are revealed through flaps, holes and by rotating images. There are also links made to the work of modern artists. Children will enjoy making their own collection.

goodbye grandmaGoodbye Grandma Melanie Walsh
Age 3-7 

It’s often hard for children to cope with their feelings and to understand what happens when someone they love dies. Goodbye Grandma gives a clear explanation that is both sensitive and straightforward in answering the questions children are likely to ask.
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just ducksJust Ducks Nicola Davies, Salvatore Rubbino (illus)
Age 5-7

How many different kinds of ducks are there? This beautifully illustrated book charts a year in the life of ducks and is packed full of interesting information, stories and poems about these familiar birds.

mama panya's pancakesMama Panya’s Pancakes  Mary and Rich Chamberlin, Julia Cairns (illus)
Age 3-7

On the way to market, Adika invited all those he meets to a pancake party. Though his mother worries there won’t be enough to feed everyone, she is surprised and pleased when everyone arrives with something delicious to share. The repetition and succession of local Kenyan delicacies adds to the pleasure of this beautifully illustrated, informative storybook and there’s a tempting recipe for spicy pancakes, too.

one night thumbOne Night, Far from Here Julia Wauters 
Flying Eye
Age 3-7 

Take a dawn trip to the rainforest, savannah, tundra, undersea world and local woods. Printed acetate pages lift to transform these landscapes and their ecosystems from night to day. A book to inspire wonder.

the planet gods thumbThe Planet Gods Jacqueline Mitto, Christina Balit (illus) 
Frances Lincoln
Age 5-7+

Go for a fascinating tour of the planets in our Solar System with an expert astronomer as your guide. The gorgeous illustrations and rhythmic text add interest to a fascinating subject, linking the latest planetary knowledge to the ancient mythology of the night sky.

Stick-Book_thumbThe Stick Book Fiona Danks and Jo Schofield   
Frances Lincoln
Age 3-7

An inventive compendium of creative ways to use and transform the humble stick. There are amazing ideas for exploring what can be done with this natural, everyday, universal toy and hours of fun and stimulation for the imagination.

stone age boy thumbStone Age Boy  Satoshi Kitamura
ge 5-7

Out for a walk, a boy falls down a hole and has an unusual landing – in the Stone Age! This is an imaginative journey into village life in the prehistoric past, with lots of fascinating facts about mammoths and more.

tiny the invisible worldTiny: the Invisible World of Microbes Nicola Davies
ge 5-7+

A fascinating book about the smallest, most prolific, invisible’ and ‘transforming species on Earth. It’s a book about tiny creatures for tiny humans, with stunning illustrations that excite interest, illuminate and explain the nature and significant role of micro-organisms in our lives.

whats under thumbWhat’s Under the Bed? A book about the Earth beneath us  Mick Manning,
Brita Granstrom (illus)
Franklin Watts
Age 5-7

Two children look under the bed, then under that, and under that, until they reach the centre of the Earth. An ingenious idea that charts the power of children’s curiosity to pursue an idea to the ends of the Earth- or the centre!

the world came to my placeThe World Came to My Place Today Jo Readman, Ley Honor Roberts (illus)
Eden Project
Age 3-7

When Grandpa comes to stay, he brings the whole world into George and his sister, Flora’s house. With the help of a globe, they trace the different origins of the many plants from across the world that shape their everyday lives. With clear explanations and quirky illustrations, this charming book is full of surprises and memorable information.