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Make a simple dice and card reading game

Instructions for dice and card reading game


  • Choose a six word sentence from a book you have been reading with your child eg ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’

  • Print off four copies of the blank cards

  • Write the six words onto two of the cards as in the example below, keep two of the cards as blank cards.

  • Cut the words into individual cards.

  • Write the six words on to the six sides of the dice, for example as in the one below

  • Fold and stick the dice template to make a 3D dice.

  • Spread the cards out on the floor or table.

  • Take turns throwing the dice with your child.

  • See if your child can match the word shown on the dice to one of the cards.

  • Read the word together. After reading the card the player takes the card.

  • If a player already has a word they throw again.

  • Repeat, taking turns until one player has 6 cards with the different words.

  • Arrange together to make a sentence.

  • Read the sentence together.

  • Look back at the book and find the sentence in the story.

To download the instructions, cards and dice click here