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Here is a great new website all about reading for pleasure. Lots of recommendations, activities, tips, great advice for parents and children. It’s been created by true experts and enthusiasts, and patrons are Michael Rosen and SF Said. Fantastic for the summer holidays and beyond. Find out how to make an origami book, discover how we learn to read, send feedback, ask questions. It’s bright and brilliant and free!

David Almond, author,  via Facebook

It’s absolutely marvellous, many congratulations for getting something so bright, comprehensive, clear, easy to navigate, inspirational   – I could go on all day!

Sian Williams, Children’s Bookshow

What a fantastic website- well done- lovely graphics, easy links and great idea.

Kathy Cruise, Supervisor Family Nurse Partnership 

It’s a pleasure to see such a beautifully curated reading resource.

SF Said, author via Twitter

 Fantastic new website with TONS of great books & creative reading ideas for 0-7s!
SF Said, author via Twitter

Reading for pleasure, reading for fun: howze about this?
Michael Rosen, author and broadcaster  via Twitter

Miss G Garnett@fazakeyfs Jul 15

Have a look at for great reading ideas for children aged 0-7
Via Twitter

Alison@WoodlandAli Jul 16

Loving your website great timing for Thanks top tweet!
Via Twitter

Jul 21

Very impressed by new website from Wonderful, FREE resources for parents
Via Twitter

“I have just clicked onto LMB and LOVE it already! I have been reading The Hungry Caterpillar, The Gruffalo, Dear Zoo and other stories for the last 6 months to my son and I adore all your ideas on how to expand and develop the stories. Thank you for creating this website!”

Tamiko,  parent

My daughter (aged 2) loves the activities on your website. She can now often be seen walking round the flat, bag packed ‘going on a bear hunt’ and is turning into a real bookworm, looking at the pictures telling us the stories from her favourite books – thanks for all the creative ideas Lovemybooks!

Emma (Naomi’s mum)

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