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Make a stick puppet

picture 2 stick puppetsPuppets can be a great way of retelling a story, whether this is a folk or fairy story such as Goldilocks and the Three Bears or something from a modern picture book such as Dylan’s Amazing Dinosaurs (there are instructions for making a pterodactyl stick puppet with our ideas for sharing this book).

Simple puppets can be made with the shapes of characters cut out of stiff paper or card and decorated with crayons or pens and then stuck on a ‘handle’ made from a lolly stick or folded piece of card. The cutting might be too tricky for little fingers but your child could definitely join in with the colouring and sticking.


Pterodactyl stick puppet
Make a pterodactyl stick puppet – see how here










Stick puppet templates for Goldilocks and the Three Bears

You just need to cut them out so that your child can decorate them and stick them on a lolly stick or card handle. Then you are ready to tell the story together!

picture from how to make stick puppets2


 Download Goldilocks and Three Bears stick puppets here