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Leon the Extraordinary


Jamar Nicholas

Age 7+

Leon lives in a city where many people mysteriously have superpowers, some are heroes, and some are villains. Leon is very upset that although he dresses the part, he doesn’t have special powers. However, when a new phone app seems to be controlling the minds of his classmates, he discovers that his special skill is using his common sense to solve problems. He manages to unmask the villain and save the day with a little unexpected help from his friends and family.

An engaging graphic novel with a well thought out cast of characters and lots of superhero comic fun. It provides plenty to think about, including what makes a hero, why people behave as they do and making good choices.

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Talk about the story

◼︎ What would you tell Leon if you could meet him?
◼︎Talk about unfamiliar vocabulary in the story – there are American terms eg cell phone and comic book super hero vocabulary such as ‘arch enemy’, and ‘shape shifting.’
◼︎What you would tell someone else about Leon and the other characters in the book

Things to make and do

Dress like a superhero
Create a superhero costume. Your child might want to dress like Leon or create their own costume, borrowing bits of clothing from members of the family, with their permission!

Make a mini book
Draw pictures of some of the main characters in a mini zigzag book – Leon, Carlos, Clementine, Thaddeus Eyesore, Ms Magnificent (aka mum)

Make a comic strip
Create a new adventure for Leon and his friends. Think about ideas and decide how to divide up the story into different scenes with an illustration, caption and speech or thought bubbles.  Here is a comic strip template.

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